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A local Band, "Tomfoolery", who developed into "The Harder They Fall", and finally to "Kobrakai", were deeply involved in campaigning and planning the very early stages of Da Joint. Working with the young people of Da Joint, they organised an open-air concert for young local bands in 2003.

A local company supplied a truck for a stage, and Max from "Fingerprints" of Wrotham laid on sound gear and a recording studio. We were blessed with fine weather, and a good selection of fast food suppliers, and the concert ran from 2pm to 10pm. We barely covered our costs in this first venture, but we have proved the concept for future years. 

EMAIL MIKE or click KOBRAKAI link below

Artists at Work

Caz, the drummer, and Emily, the guitarist on the right, are both art students, and painted a series of 8x4 boards to cover the wheels and mechanical bits of the truck/stage. These boards were so good that they have since been hung in Da Joint, and can be seen in several pictures on the site

The Full Cycle

Because they have been involved with Da Joint for so long, when Dan and Chris of Kobrakai turned 18, it was a natural progression for them to sign up as volunteers to help run the centre. Caz was a little shy about the idea, but she agreed in the end, and Glenn came too!. This really does fulfil a dream, because one of the big problems any youth project is when the people who started it get burned out, or their life changes, then the project can founder for lack of volunteers. If this works out we may have by chance established a system where as younger people join the centre, they see Chris, Dan Glenn and Caz, who are still young enough to remember from school, so working as a volunteer becomes something that these younger ones aspire to.