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Vandal Graffiti can be a curse on a community, but there is no doubt that amongst these vandals are budding artists, desperate to break out, some real talent. The trick is to provide places where that talent can be fostered and nurtured, and eventually become a benefit to the community, and a source of pride to the artist.

Talent is out there !

This is a collage of images from all over Borough Green & Wrotham, and clearly shows the raw talent.

The Germ of an idea

This is Jimmy working on a board supplied by Wrotham PC in the multicourt. Wrotham Arts Festival Committee asked if young artists would like to show at the 09 Festival, and the Fireworks Committee donated the paint and materials. Click pic to see full panel


As well as showing work, the Arts Festival asked Jimmy and Scott to run live demos, and these proved to be a great success. Scott here doing"Wrotham Arts Fest 09" Click on the pic for final image

Public Appreciation

Here is Jimmy explaining his "Hoody" to a member of the public. As well as this constant discussion with visitors, there was also a great deal of interaction with other presenting artists.

Click Pic to see graf hidden behind Jimmy

Sculpture Class

Michael Fraser, a Festival organiser and an accomplished artist in his own right, ran this lighthearted sculpture class, and got Scott to judge the eventual efforts of the learners.

"The Hoody"

This rather "dark" piece by Jimmy generated a lot of interest, but lost some of its menace as the afternoon wore on and Jimmy "tinkered" with it.

Click Pic to see another of Jimmy's hoodies


Yes, I know they are upside down, they're waiting for the finishing touches to dry. Scott and Jimmy are used to Mum and their mates thinking that their work was good, but to generate such interest amongst the general public and real artists was truly inspirational. The crowning accolade was that they both sold work, although you do need a b****y big front room for an 8'x4' panel!


All pictures (C) copyright Mike Taylor, Scott Stevenson or Jimmy Ashby